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Maryland has been home to innovative artists that have blended and reshaped how we hear punk rock – not just in what is being played or how notes zoom through one’s soul – but more importantly in what is being said. Abingdon, MD’s One Life to Lead is a nu-punk band that has a lot to say.

One Life To Lead is the perfect blend of the up-beat optimism of pop-punk with the downtrodden voraciousness of old school hip-hop and nu-metal. The band was formed around singers’ Trey Miller’s and Matt Demorest’s stark contrast of vocal styles, where rhythm and soul meets grit and emotion, and is rounded out by guitarists Chris Sagandoy and Brendan Willis, Demorest on bass, and Ronnie Sherman on drums.

The band has independently released two Eps, The Only Way From Here Is Up (2018) and Not Coming Home (2017). One Life To Lead’s newest EP, Visions of Grandeur, released on July 26th, 2019 through rad-pop. records and is available now on all streaming platforms.

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